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Motion Design. Animation. Illustration. Video Editing.

Natalie Einterz

motion design & animation

Illustration and Animation: Natalie Einterz, Additional animation: Franklin Walters, Producer: Brittany Horwege and Christian Silberbauer of Futuristic Films, Creative Directors: Brock Pisciotta and Ben Stein, Additional Direction: Julie Uridil, Erin Alvarado, Becky McGlensey

One of three in a series of short animations promoting river safety for The Flathead Rivers Alliance in Montana (a project with Wheelie Creative).

Love Wellness Probiotics Explainer. Animation: Natalie Einterz, Assistant Animation: Alex Voltz, Illustration: Bailey Sullivan, Director/Producer: Maggie Hart

Yay for clean H2O! Veruna H2O Clean Water Explainer Video.
I storyboarded, designed and animated this piece for School of Motion’s Explainer Camp.

Sometimes dates don’t do go as planned…
Apt App social promo video. I had a ton of fun designing and animating the characters for this piece at Studio Hippo.

Explainer video for Lit Communities. The concept of an Open Access Network is perfectly suited to animation. Working with the fabulous Erin Preston of Erin Preston Productions, we explained the concept through the metaphor of building new roads. Sound design provided by Isaac Brockshus. I took care of the llustration and animation and assisted on the script-writing.

Oooo fancy houses. A 30 second social media ad using photos and overlays (animated in After Effects). (Created for Strada Advertising at Studio Hippo.) needed an ending animation for a video they produced about speeding ships that are a major danger to North Atlantic Right Whales. It's always a pleasure to work on a project that has a real impact like this one. They also let me run with the creative side, so I added a fun color palette to the illustrations I created and animated.

DU's School of Social Work and Dave Thatcher/Together Creative asked me to create an explainer video based on their research on peer support for youth experiencing homelessness. The concept of peer support makes so much sense, and this video helps them to explain it and further their research. Original music and voiceover by James Erangey. Script by Dave Thatcher and the DU team. I created all original illustrations and animated this piece. It was fun to play with some looping textures and trying to keep the animation simple yet engaging to meet the budget requirements.

This is a great example of an animated video that can be produced with a smaller budget. All graphics are updated to the brand colors but are stock graphics that didn't need to be custom illustrated. The timeline and budget can be reduced when a project allows for this approach. (Sound design by Isaac Brockshus)

Humanstory creates documentaries and live action videos, but needed a quick way to explain the types of Virtual Process Tour videos they create. Animation to the rescue! They were armed with a snappy script, so I created a visual script for them (outlining ideas for what we would see in the animation) along with fully illustrated storyboards before animating this piece.

Logo Animations. (BP, apt app and Amazon Exclusives created while at Studio Hippo)

Some highlights from my animation, Colorado Peeks. Side Stories in the RiNo neighborhood of Denver is such a unique outdoor event. Every year they select 8 artists to create animations for specific walls throughout the neighborhood. In 2020 I participated as a solo artist, and had the pleasure of participating the past 2 years prior on the Studio Hippo team. It's so fun to think of creative ways to use the features of the buildings and then see your work come to life on such a huge canvas!

Faking stop motion with After Effects is super fun (and way faster!) This is a short social promo video for a neighborhood development. I used After Effects to create this faux stop-motion style. Designed by Strada Advertising and created at Studio Hippo.

Get wise. Ask DORA. An animation I did at Studio Hippo for Postmodern. The illustrations/style was provided, and we updated them to fit the new videos.

Yay plants! This is a piece I animated for School of Motion’s Advanced Motion Methods class. Illustration by Sarah Beth Morgan.

A piece I animated for School of Motion’s Advanced Motion Methods class. Final artwork piece designed by Isabella Conticello.

Brain injuries can have very serious effects on our emotions. Produced at Studio Hippo. One video in a multi-part training series for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. I animated this piece and did design along with Studio Hippo.

Pineapples have bad hair days too. A gif I created for a short social series we were thinking about doing at Studio Hippo: Food Issues.

Oooooo Ahhhhhhh. After Effects animation

The woes of sprinkles. After Effects animation. Photoshop illustration.

Some sweaty bacon with a side of fries. Illustration in Photoshop and Illustrator. Animated in After Effects.

Lil' bunny dude. A cel animation piece I designed and animated. While cel animation is very time-consuming and can be quite tricky, this one was really rewarding to finish. I really loved the final coloring/texturing stages once the animation was locked down.

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